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In this 2 hour event, we will have plenty of time to warm up so that we can explore several of the most common Yin Yoga postures as well as relishing the counter poses that accompany them. Since poses are held so long in Yin Yoga, we often find ourselves wishing we had more time to dedicate to more poses.


Our session will include a description of what is Kriya Yin Yoga, a full 60+ minutes of yin postures, a 20 minute savasana with essential oils and massage, and conclude with a 10 minute meditation.


Come enjoy this event of self exploration and self healing that is sure to be an incredible end to your weekend that will leave you feeling loose, soothed and renewed before starting a new week.

Event will be held at Rescue Yoga in Carrollton TX.

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Ever notice how your mood changes with the seasons? Through an exploration of Ayurveda, we discover ways that our mood and constitution shift throughout the year. Our bodies and minds are just as vulnerable to the seasons as anything else in nature. Modern conveniences have tricked us into thinking we are independent of the moods of mother nature and yet we notice changes in ourselves with the changes of the seasons. Ayurveda can offer ways to help soothe the most difficult qualities of each season so that we are living in the flow of mother nature rather than railing against it.

In this retreat, we will learn the basics behind Ayurveda so that we can understand how to use it to help us heal during the heat of summer. The practice of yoga helps us surrender to difficulties while Ayurveda provides tools to make the practice more tolerable. Discover how Ayurveda can help you find balance in yourself. In this retreat we will uncover how to ease the intensity of summer while relaxing on the lake and enjoying a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of regular life.

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Carrolton TX

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