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Theme for Slow Flow, January 2021

As we continue our practice toward manifesting the life we’ve always wanted, we may come across some things in our current reality that are in opposition to our goal. The deeper we get into our practice, the more obvious these things will become. Identifying these road blocks is a challenge in itself but once we realize that there is an activity or lifestyle choice that needs to be removed from our world, we can feel a lot of resistance to the idea of the change.

That resistance can come from within us but it can also come as feedback from our community. Sangha is a Sanskrit word meaning “community”. Whether we realize it or not, we have chosen the community that surrounds us. We chose them because they supported the lifestyle we were living or the direction we’ve been heading. Each person and facility within our community was meticulously selected through our subconscious to support us in manifesting the reality that we have been creating unconsciously all these years. As we begin to make meaningful change in our lives, we may find that there are members of our community that are falling out of line with our beliefs or values. This is because our beliefs and values have to change in order for us to change. The more we drive toward changing ourselves, the more we will root out those that are no longer supporting us.

Changing our community is a very difficult and scary process. It is never easy but the more we come to understand the impact our community has on our choices and lifestyle, the less we can ignore when someone or something is a constant anchor pulling us further away from what we truly want. This is a part of the process that can often be very difficult and introduces new feelings of doubt and uncertainty. We must find the courage to take the actions necessary to continue our growth. This doesn’t mean that we “break up” with people in our lives. Instead, we stay steadfast in our resolve and we may begin to notice that some folks won’t be there when we reach the finish line.

What type of tools will we need in order to traverse this leg of the journey? First, we need the ability to cut through the bullshit. We can’t always see through the crystal ball (our intuition) if it’s rolled in mud and clouded on the inside. Denial is a hell of a drug. The truth has always been right in front of us but it is only through the process of clearing the mind that we can finally see it. In some ways, seeing the truth is the easy part.

The second tool is courage. Some may argue that you are still living in denial if you can see the truth but do nothing about it. That is a fantastic debate for a different blog post but let’s say, for the sake of this conversation, we ARE going to do something about it. It is no easy feat to change something in our life, especially if it means letting go or removing something that has been a fixture for a long part of our existence. It will take courage to allow the necessary change in our life that we know we need to propel toward the life we’ve always wanted. It is no coincidence when successful people say that YOU are the only one standing in the way of living your best life. We may identify someone else as an issue but it is really our problem if we continue to let them be in our way.

We have continually been working on clarity of mind each step of this process and although it will continue during this month’s practice, we will also be digging deep to find the courage we need to face the truth of our reality and to carry on with the necessary changes to bring our best selves to the surface.

Join me on the mat and discover something powerful about yourself!

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