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Gratitude, For Your Life

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Theme for November 2020

Everything about our experience in life is perspective. If you want to change your life, you must change your perspective. The truth is that most of us already have all of the things that we want in life we just can’t see them right now. It’s like that song that your friend told you about. Although you never heard it before, suddenly, after they play it for you, it’s on the radio every time you get in your car.

Everything in our reality has that same quality. If you want to start making improvements in your life then practicing gratitude is the ultimate way to start the shift. Just like anything else, gratitude is a skill that needs to be practiced. We can use our yoga practice to call attention to it so that it is fresh in our minds as we roll up the mat and head back out into the world.

The more we practice gratitude, it becomes second nature. Rather than constantly reminding ourselves to choose gratitude, it will become instinctual. During this month, we will use this time to explore the things that already exist in our lives today so that we can continue to magnetize more good things into our lives. Gratitude is the key toward swift manifestation.

Studies in neuroscience have shown that gratitude can release the hormones of dopamine and serotonin. Both hormones create a feeling of happiness that melts away apathy and irritation. If we are able to allow gratitude to become a more frequent practice, we can meet the world with a smile instead of resistance. The less resistance we have in our lives, the more opportunity can flourish. The practice of gratitude for things in our immediate lives will make gratitude easier on a bigger scale.

Look around your life and find one thing you can feel truly grateful for. Once you have that you can start to expand to more and more things until you feel gratitude for everything in your life. When your heart is filled with gratitude there is little room for anything else. Join us this month as we make gratitude the driving force on our journey toward manifesting your garden. See you on the mat!

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