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In-person classes are temporarily suspended. Please check back for new location and times!

Services and Events

This section includes upcoming retreats and workshops as well as services available for scheduling. Please contact me to discuss scheduling for private services.

Young woman practicing in a yoga studio.

Private Lessons

Group classes are often built for a wide range of students with a varied background of experience. It is rare that they consistently focus on what you, a unique individual, need on a physical or emotional level. Perhaps you have a very specific issue that you are wanting to work through and don't feel like you are getting what you need out of a group class. Private sessions are extremely beneficial as they are tailored to your needs. You may also find that a private session helps you identify something that you didn't know was causing you harm. These sessions are a great opportunity to learn more about yourself and start to heal and overcome obstacles that have been holding you back in yoga or in your life. Contact me to schedule an over the phone consultation and to schedule your private lesson today!

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